1. Good Works Done 2022


  1. SI (Gr) Shri Vinod RP and ASI (Gr) Sumesh T, Police Officers of Kannur City Police Station were felicitated by the Kannur City Police Commissioner Shri Elango R IPS at the IPS Commissioner's Chamber for saving the life of a woman who jumped into the river from the Kuruva Bridge. The city police commissioner said the top police officials would be recommended for the Prime Minister's Life Saving Medal.
  2. Kannur: Police caught the suspect from Kasargod Chandera, Kasargod Chandera, who escaped from custody at DRI office in Mele Mars, Kannur at about one o'clock in the morning on 02/06/2020 Mohammed Adil, a native of Uppala, who was arrested by Gujarat police in a 500 crore drug smuggling case, Va: 32/22, escaped from DRI office in Kodivayal House Mundayat. Doing it. As per the available instruction, Highway Police Sub-Inspector Shri Prasad P, Civil Police Officers Rajeesh, Nidhin etc. During the search, the current information is the auto which is conducting night service at Kannur Railway Station and Caltex. The rickshaw drivers are informed over the phone, given information about the accused and instructed to monitor the surroundings of Kannur town. According to the information received from the autorickshaw drivers near the railway station, it has been learned that a young man started travelling in an auto rickshaw towards Kasaragod area around 1 o'clock. SI Prasad, who found out that the accused was travelling in Muhammad Shafi's auto, contacted the autorickshaw driver over the phone and learned that his current location is near Cheruvathoor. Muhammad Shafi was instructed to either bring the vehicle to the nearest police station or park it near the night patrolling vehicle on the road if possible. The current information was informed to Kannur City Police Control and Chandera Police Station. Chandera police finally took the accused into custody due to the clever move of auto driver Mohammed Shafi. The accused was later handed over to the DRI officers.
  3. Three youth arrested for stealing batteries from vehicles .Chockli Police arrested a gang of three youths who allegedly stole as much as 50 batteries from both Kannur and Kozhikode districts.Chockly Police Inspector Sri.C.Shaju , Sub Inspector Sri.B.S.Sooraj bhaskar ASI K.K .Sahadevan ,K.Sudheer ,V.V .Anil,K.Rammohan and SCPO K.Byju are the investigation team members.
  5. *Young man arrested by police with MDMA and Hashish oil. *
    Kannur: Kannur: During a search of a vehicle in Kannur town police, 1.43 grams of MDMA and 2.07 grams of hashish oil were seized from the youth. The drugs were seized during a search led by Kannur Town Inspector Sri Sreejith Koderi.Mohammad Raees, 28/22 KT House, Anayidukku Kannur City Arakkal was arrested by the police. The drug was stored in the scooter on which the accused was traveling. Kannur Town SI Shri Naseeb, DENSAFF team members SI Mahijan, Rafi, CPO Rajul, Binu, Mithun, Rahul and Anoop were also in the team that nabbed the accused
  6. Kannur: Thalassery Coastal Police and Marine Enforcement rescued fishermen who were in an accident while going fishing from Thalassery. The boat named Nandanam, which was returning from fishing in the sea at 6.30 am this morning (30-06-2022) was met with the accident. The boat overturned in the sea a nautical mile away from the Thalassery Thalayi harbor. The workers in the boat were rescued and brought back Manoj of Palayad Thalassery, Ussan of Thalassery Chalil and Bappunni of Odisha. Thalassery Coastal Police brought the fiber boat that had been involved in the accident to the harbor. The boat overturned and met with the accident on the way back to Gopalpetta harbor after fishing 6 nautical miles away from Thalai harbor. A big disaster was averted as the workers were holding on to the ropes of the overturned boat. The fishing workers were able to be rescued by the rescue operation conducted by the Marine Enforcement under the leadership of Thalassery Coastal Police Inspector Shri Biju Prakash, who came to know about the accident. Three fishermen were taken to the Talassery Government Hospital in a coastal police rescue boat and then to the Thalassery Government Hospital and given the first treatment. Thalassery Coastal Police Station SI Vinod Kumar A, Pramod PV, Civil Police Officers Shinil VK, Shinil PV, Rajeesh, Coastal wardens Sarosh, Niranjan, Marine Enforcement ASI Cletus Rocha, CPO Diljith, Gardu Maraya sanith tp, dijesh, boat rank thadayus, devadas Those who started also joined the rescue operation.
  7. During a search of a vehicle by the Kannur Town Police, police seized 0.63 gm MDMA and 1.108 kg of cannabis from the bike rider.The drugs were seized during an inspection conducted by Kannur Town Sub Inspector Shri Preman CV. Sajid Abdullah VU, 25/22, Amina Manzil (Shadias), Chandappura, Kadannapally (PO) were arrested by the police. The motorcycle numbered KL 13 AS 876 was taken into police custody.The cannabis brought for sale was kept in the accused's bag. SCPO Nasser, CPO Regin PV, Manesh and Rajesh were also in the group who seized drugs and cannabis.
  8. Police arrested young man with MDMA. Property of accused in drug cases will be recovered.
    Kannur: A youth caught with MDMA drugs during police vehicle inspection. Mattannur police station led by SI Sasidharan, Mattannur police chased the car that was not stopped during night time vehicle inspection at Mattannur Palottupally and caught it at Mattannur-Kannur road junction. Fahad Fahajas PP, Va: 31/22, Bensy Fahad Mansil, was arrested at Kottayam Poi. The KL-58-Y-5077 car was inspected, the deadly drug was stored in three plastic packets on the dashboard of the car. MDMA weighing about 75 grams was found in police inspection. The accused Fahad Fahajas was in a state of using MDMA at the time of his arrest. Strict action will be taken to recover the property of the accused in the drug seizure cases and the steps to recover the assets of four accused in the two drug seized cases in Kannur are being completed, City Police Commissioner Sri Ilango R IPS informed. SCPO Pramod, CPO Vinod. DANSAF team members SI Rafi Ahmed, CPOs Binu, Rahul, Rajil, Anoop were also in the group captured by MDMA.
Last updated on Wednesday 21st of September 2022 PM