Kerala Police Mobile App


Police Apps and Web applications have become a popular platform for Indian Police organisations to disseminate information and connect with the citizens. These applications are an integral part of good governance, by facilitating easy access of citizens to service delivery mechanism of the department. KERALA POLICE is introducing a citizen centric Mobile App (POL-APP) having 27 state of the art services.

The citizen centric Mobile App of Kerala Police, developed by TCS is ready and has 27 state of the art services. The broad categories of services are

  1. Citizen Services
  2. Women and Child related Services
  3. Citizen Safety Services
  4. Information Services
  5. Report to us
  6. Rate our Services.

Citizen services

  • Information on Nearest Police Station- Based on the location of the citizen, the app shows the nearest police station and also facilitates navigation to the same.
  • Navigation to Jurisdictional Police Station - Based on the location of the citizen, the app shows the details of the jurisdictional Police Station and also facilitated navigation to the same.
  • Contacts- Contact details of offices and officers of Kerala Police with search facility
  • e-FIR (FIR Download) - FIR can be downloaded from the application.
  • Payment Services - Payment can be made to Treasury for various services rendered by the department
  • Passport Verification Status - The status of Police Verification for Passport can be known.
  • Senior Citizen's Register (weaker category) - Citizen whowould like to avail Janamaithry Services can register in the App. (It will be forwarded to Janamaithry Police).

Information services

  • Push Notifications - All relevant notifications can be forwarded to citizens.
  • Social Media Feeds- Facebook, YouTube and Instagram of Kerala Police are available.
  • Traffic Guru - Link to download the Traffic Rules awareness Game
  • Search -Search facility for all services is available
  • Tourist Guide- Facility to search a destination and to find the Jurisdictional Police Station.
  • Helplines-lists the various help line numbers.
  • Cyber awareness - To create awareness on common mistakes/frauds prevalent in cyber space.
  • Website links -Links of important official websites are provided in this feature.

Report to us

  • Offence Reporting- Citizens can directly report to the Police, certain categories of offences along with photos and description.
  • Report Spam- Cases of fraud calls pertaining to ATM fraud/job opportunities can be reported to designated authority will mark such fraudulent calls as spam, which will alert other citizens.
  • Information to Police -Public can share information to Police through this feature.
  • Report Abandoned Child- Any child found abandoned in the streets can be reported along with geo tagged photograph, which will be forwarded to the Women and Child Welfare Control Room for onward action.
  • Report Abandoned Women- Any woman found abandoned on streets, can be reported along with geo tagged photograph, which will be forwarded to Women and Child Welfare Control Room.
  • Report Abandoned Senior citizen- Details of abandoned elders with photo can be reported, which will be informed to the senior citizen control room.

Rate our services.

  • Rate your Police Station- Anyone visiting the Police Station can give feedback on their experience.
  • Rate the app- To collect feedback on the application.
  • Citizen safety services

  • SoS Panic Message- Pressing the hard button or clicking the SOS facility activates panic message to Emergency Response Support System.
  • Locked House Information- Citizens have the facility to report to jurisdictional police station, when they are travelling out of station, so that the SHO can alert the beat officers.
  • Women and Child services

  • Track My Trip-This gives the facility of sharing the user's location with three pre-registered private mobile numbers. In case of any emergency/panic situations, SOS call is generated.
  • Fix an appointment with SHO for Women - This is a women friendly initiative
Last updated on Monday 13th of June 2022 PM